√ 9 BEST Bed and Breakfast in LA in 2023

Looking for the best bed and breakfast in LA? Look no further! If you’re craving a delicious breakfast with a buffet spread, affordable rates, and charming accommodations, we’ve got you covered.

With so many places to eat, restaurants to try, and hotels to stay at in LA, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect spot.

But fret not, we’ve compiled a list of recommendations for the top bed and breakfast options in the city.

When it comes to deciding where to have breakfast in LA, you want a place that not only offers a menu filled with mouthwatering options but also provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

These bed and breakfasts in LA tick all the boxes. From fluffy pancakes to perfectly brewed coffee, you’ll find it all at these hidden gems.

One of the standout features of these bed and breakfasts is their impressive buffet spread. Imagine waking up to a table filled with omelets, pastries, fresh fruits, and more.

It’s a breakfast lover’s dream come true! And the best part? These places offer all of this at affordable prices, so you can indulge without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a visitor exploring the city or a local looking for a weekend getaway, these bed and breakfasts in LA provide not only a comfortable stay but also a memorable dining experience.

So why wait? Treat yourself to a delightful breakfast and make your stay in LA truly special.

Freehand Los Angeles

Freehand Los Angeles
Address416 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA
Phone Number+1 213-612-0021
Operating HourMonday: Open 24 hours, Tuesday: Open 24 hours, Wednesday: Open 24 hours, Thursday: Open 24 hours, Friday: Open 24 hours, Saturday: Open 24 hours, Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Real Customer Reviews at Freehand Los Angeles:

nor se06:20 08/03/23
This is really the fanciest hostel I've ever stayed at by far! And yet, very reasonably priced. I am staying here for the eras tour and only payed about 60 bucks per night, which is far less than I'd be paying at any regular hotel (especially during this swiftie takeover haha). The beds are fairly comfortable and each have their own charging port and lamp. Each room has a bathroom so there's no need to go wandering down the hallway to a communal bathroom like with many other hostels. And best of all, there's even a rooftop pool and bar! And you can order drinks and food to the poolside (though it's quite pricy to do so). The location is also very convenient, tons of restaurants and stores and transit nearby. Just be street smart and know where you are bc skid row is nearby and that's not a safe area, especially at night. I wouldn't recommend wandering around downtown LA alone past 11pm on weeknights at all, because there aren't very many people out and about-if you are with a group of people you should be fine though.My one and only complaint is that the ladders are incredibly narrow and going up o down them makes the entire bunk shake terribly. This may not be a universal problem but both the beds in my room had this issue so I highly recommend requesting a bottom bunk if you are larger, have chronic pain/get sore easily, or have to get up a lot in the night to use the bathroom. Privacy curtains would have been great too but that's not a big deal.

Moreblessing Productions04:50 07/27/23
Stayed here for 5 nights and loved it. The location is superb so close to everything. There is a Whole Foods across the street, CVS, Starbucks, bakery and plenty of food trucks down the street. The building is a bit older but has been kept in a good condition and has so much character. The rooftop was a VIBE and the view was so good. Got to relax and meet some people there. The staff was AMAZING. A big thank you to Luz for helping me organize my trip based on locations and understanding LA traffic. That was beyond her call of duty. Mike also stood out, he had a solution mindset and was just super kind. Thank you both!

Maggaly Ortizgris15:28 07/19/23
This hotel was such a vibe!They have an amazing lounge area with a bar and plenty of seating .Our favorite part was the rooftop, where broken shaker is. Gorgeous skyline views with amazing music, bar and led pool. What more could you ask for!? The room was also SUPER clean! We loved our stay!They don’t have parking but they do have valet options for $56 per night, just be aware of that.There is a whole foods across the street and plenty of food options around 🙂

Skyler McDonald22:51 07/18/23
I stayed in the Hostel portion of the freehand and I must say that the amenities to cost ratio is very high! It was a cheap stay and I loved the fact I was in the heart of LA with a rooftop pool. Location is the best part of this hotel. The rooms for the hostel are a bit underwhelming, I’d hope to have a privacy curtain. They have little ones for the ends but not the main part of it. I was a bit worried for the person above me as I noticed the wood holding their bed up was cracked. Definite need of TLC there. But overall it was a great stay and a great value for sure!

Mr. B00:35 07/10/23
Not a bad place to stay. Great location right in the heart on DTLA.The bunks were cool - however, as a tall man I preferred being on the bottom bunk. Beds were clean a comfy. Pillows are firm and nice. There are lockers for each person. Don't forget to bring a padlock.Great view on the rooftop.


Address1512 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019, USA
Phone Number+1 213-272-4553
Operating HourMonday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Thursday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Friday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Saturday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Sunday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
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Real Customer Reviews at MYstayLA:

Michael Malaychuk14:55 06/01/23
Extremely affordable and nice facility. It's a house that's been converted to a hostel with a nice Asian couple in the front room running the place. I was in the two-bed suite with a friend. It exceeded expectations for the price.

baljit singh04:36 05/31/23
very neat and clean rooms and bathrooms. good location. host couple is very polite, helpful and understanding. value for money.

Itai Shrell-Fox16:44 09/06/22
On the outside it just looks like another house, on the inside it's exactly what one might hope to find. A quaint hostel with good beds and a sweet vibe. The service is very personable and everything is very clean. A huge plus is that they're even trying to be as green as possible- recycling, one cup per person, etc.. there's a sense of trust and openness in the air, all set by the wonderful hosts.If you're looking for quality shared rooms for a good price- this is the place for you!

Yuridia C.16:01 12/18/21
The location felt safe and depending what host you got they were nice. Janet was somewhat understanding and so was the younger man working there. There was no toilet paper.i was never offered any toilet paper, though I talked to my roommate who they did give her a toilet roll. bathroom wasn't the cleanest. You couldn't shower after 11pm or before 7am because "it would disturb the other guests" but it would be 1am and people were still making noise all around the hostel. I never got anyway into the hostel. There was no shoes in the house so you had to wear slippers they provided in a basket by the door those slippers were very dirty so I started using my own. Honestly felt very unwelcomed. Like I entered someones home uninvited. I went there for a 3 day concert that finished around 10:30 pm and by the time we could leave the stadium it was 12. Most of the guests there were also going to the concerts. We let the host know this in advance. We'd leave at 8am and come back at 12 am to sleep.So I really don't understand the hostility towards us specially when all the other guests were very rowdy. This is definitely someone's home then a business.

Andrea Garcia15:29 12/06/21
The place it's nice but you need know:-You only can use the bathroom only for 10 minutes after 7am and before 11...- If you need arrive after 11 p.m you should talk to the host and make a deposit for 20 usd for the keys.- the place only have 2 bathrooms and the house have space for more than 20 person..The manager its friendly, the location is good.. but you have more hostel nearby to the ktown.

Mini Mansion in Hollywood Hills

Mini Mansion in Hollywood Hills
Address3211 Dos Palos Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
Phone Number+1 818-481-9284
Operating Hour
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Real Customer Reviews at Mini Mansion in Hollywood Hills:

Jay Jay Oktan00:50 07/09/23
old outdated filthy and expensive to stay no ac no refrigerator filthy towels no drinking water in the room. if you want to stay here just because universal studios near by beleive me you regret it. go some other clean place. bathroom is also a filthy

Aaron T.02:42 06/13/23
The "family suite" was four mattresses on the floor, one by the entryway next to the bathroom with three more mattresses on the floor in what is essentially a small studio apartment. Carpet was dirty, the mattresses were extremely uncomfortable, the breakfast was basically bagels and coffee with optional cereal. Host was a bit abrasive and the location, approximately 20 minutes walk from Universal Studios, was very sketchy at night. Since you're better off driving than walking, can't really say the location helps. Awful, awful.

Emily Maldonado19:24 05/21/23
It was a horrible stay. The beds were not clean, there were stains and they looked like they weren’t clean. Another thing was the bathroom had dirty towels and no hand soap. The tv didn’t work, and if we wanted breakfast we had to eat in the dirty kitchen. The toaster and coffee maker was very dirty everything looked like it wasn’t clean.

Jonathon Mandujano19:06 05/21/23
As soon as we arrived we realized me made a big mistake! Dirty bathroom and dirty sheets, TV doesn’t work. If you think a bagel is enough for a “bed and breakfast” well go ahead and book. The owner is worst and very rude. Over heard her yelling to another guest in the middle of the night. Do not recommend! Only good things about it is that it’s nearby Universal studios

Kevin Barnett16:48 03/08/23
What a terrible business. Let me start off by saying that, when booking online, I did make a clerical error - I indicated that just my wife and I were coming, and I didn’t include our kids. This was because I didn’t really intend to book anything that day - I was just checking. Ok, my bad. But….I booked the room because family and I were visiting Universal Studios and this was close by and seemed nice and affordable.The online posting said that the room “sleeps 7”. This assumes that you want 6 people to sleep on 2 double beds and a couch, while one person sleeps in a twin bed on the patio.The sheets were not clean. They were stained and there were definite bed bugs. Gross. The bathroom was tiny and not clean. There was dirt on the floor and in the sink.The entire place was unclean and not fit for lodging.I called the “host” and asked if she could come down so I could talk to her. She refused. I told her that we were not happy, that the place was not clean, and that we were leaving. She did not apologize - just proceeded to tell me I was wrong. She told me everything was clean. When I told her it was not, she accused me of making racist comments - which didn’t even make sense.Don’t stay at this terrible place. It’s disgusting, and the proprietor is terrible.

Topanga Canyon Inn Bed and Breakfast

Topanga Canyon Inn Bed and Breakfast
Address20310 Callon Dr, Topanga, CA 90290, USA
Phone Number+1 310-600-1325
Operating HourMonday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Thursday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Friday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Saturday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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Real Customer Reviews at Topanga Canyon Inn Bed and Breakfast:

Cameron Clark14:50 08/01/23
Reserved a Saturday overnight for our anniversary. This is about the only interesting place I could find within a few hundred miles find that doesn't require a two-night minimum on the weekend, and the only thing I could find resembling a hotel in Topanga. It's a charming & quirky place, but not quite what we expected. First off, it's further out than you might expect, a good 10 minute drive outside Topanga village, perched on a hillside practically inside the state park. You won't enjoy the cool lushness of Topanga Canyon here—it was probably in the 90s up there in the afternoon—and the views are of the state park, which is to say some rocky, scrubby hills which aren't the most attractive in July. To get there, you have to find your way up a narrow public road that turns into a very steep and poorly maintained private road. Parking is quite limited and tight. This is a true B&B, and you feel like you're staying in a bedroom in someone's private home, which it probably once was. The rooms are very clean and nicely decorated but somewhat dated. We liked the vintage furniture and all the paintings by the owner's wife, and appreciated the dozen roses in the room that I had prearranged. The staff are the owner's children. They were courteous enough, but our only interactions with them where when we checked in and came down for breakfast, which is served specifically at 8:30 and 9:30. The owner, Warren, cooked us a nice meal, but ignored my several requests for vegan options, so all I got was some melon and coffee. Warren is a fascinating and colorful guy, and my wife enjoyed chatting with him for a good long while. We enjoyed being able to walk up the driveway and hike into the state park, for which they provided maps. One surprise was that we were forced to sign an statement that use of any drugs on the property, including cannabis, entirely legal in CA, would result in us being evicted without refund. Overall, it was a pleasant enough place to spend a night, and my wife seemed to enjoy it, but it sorta felt like we were staying at the home of a distant relative and couldn't quite fully relax.

Michelle Hart16:14 03/26/23
What a gem! We found this place while deciding on a whim to go for a weekend getaway. We have never stayed at a proper bed and breakfast before..it was wonderful. Our room was the Rhet and Scarlett room..it had a fireplace, jacuzzi, and beautiful views! The whole house was amazing( pretty views throughout the whole house), quiet, and very comfortable. Family run, Warren, the owner, sat down with us for breakfast and we really enjoyed talking with him. Our only regret, is that we couldn't stay for a couple more days! We will be back.

Anna02:40 03/23/23
I can't even think of where to begin. I came for my uncle's funeral and needed some place to hide, far from the corporate Ramada and Holiday Inn. I was looking for meditation and peaceful seclusion but found so much more. Chris John is a fine young man who was IncElena (the mother of the family) is an amazing artist -- make sure to look at her work on the walls, spectacular!John was amazing in every way

Ladan Forouzani03:05 03/02/23
I stayed there fir 2 nights. Very clean and cozy. I loved everything about this place. Has a great view. The owner is very friendly and hospitality was amazing. It is a great place to stay for some peace and quiet.I will definitely stay again and recommend it highly.

Matthew Helfgott07:05 11/07/22
There will be two parts to this review the good and the bad. I'm honestly struggling on what the star rating should be because of the ordeal we endured but I've settled on 4 stars out of fairness and an abundance of kindness.The good: The B&B is as advertised, nestled in the foothills in Topanga Canyon. The drive up is through tight canyon roads and the parking is less than ideal but the instructions provided are abundant and once you arrive it is very clear where is acceptable and unacceptable to park. This is a traditional Bed & Breakfast with truly shared common areas. There should be no expectation of privacy in those common areas, even if your party has booked the entire house like we had. This was surprising since we were used to renting whole houses in airbnb and such and not even interacting with the owners at all. This is not a negative I am holding against them but I wanted to state it here explicitly because had we thought this through further we may have made a different choice. My wife and I picked this because we were getting married in the area and we wanted a place for some of our wedding party to stay with us and then for us to use the entire property to get ready on the wedding day. We did indeed book all 8 rooms with our party. Some were under our name and some under theirs. I spoke with Warren several times about this to clarify that we'd be able to have some of our family and the rest of the wedding party over to take photos and get ready and he was very clear that was something very common for them and wouldn't be a problem at all. We were very excited. Food was pretty good.The bad: As I said we had both houses, all 8 rooms, fully booked so we could stay there the night before and the night of the wedding and also get ready on the wedding day. On the Saturday we were going to check in, in the middle of the day, all of the guests who were staying at one of the houses received calls from Warren that they would not be able to stay because there was a leaking pipe and the water had to be turned off. The day we were checking in, the day before the wedding, with plans that were essential, that Warren knew of, four of the rooms were cancelled. Full refunds were provided of course but Warren was of little help when trying to rectify this. We scrambled to find rooms for those displaced and possibly an entirely new place to use to get ready but almost everywhere we looked was fully booked and there were no other similar house situations or even hotels with large suites available in the area. After meeting Warren and his adult children who run the B&B when we stayed there the way he was on the phone made more sense. They all seemed simultaneously friendly and disinterested, like they didn't want to be talking to us at all. Calling Warren back after barely finding lodgings to replace the four cancelled rooms he reluctantly agreed to let us use the second house to get ready. We checked in late, because we had spent the last 2 hours of our spa time scrambling to rehome our wayward friends, and settled in to order some dinner. The biggest thing that is not said anywhere is there is ZERO CELL SERVICE WHATSOEVER. Extremely limited based on your provider if you can get a bar at all. There is wifi but that does no good for text messages and the wifi, like all hotel wifi, is slow with limited range. The day of we went over to the other house to check things out and get ready and all the doors were locked to the rooms. We had expected to have all of the rooms available since we had booked them but since they were cancelled they were all locked. After some surprising resistance we managed to get one room unlocked as long as we paid a cleaning fee. I didn't argue because I didn't have any energy for that as I was getting married that day but it's absurd that wasn't comped. And absurd that the rooms for a fully booked facility for a special event weren't checked days ahead when they were sitting empty. In the end our stay was fine. We got it done with some groaning and some pains. It is unlikely we will return.

Anchor Pointe Inn

Anchor Pointe Inn
Address111 E C St, Wilmington, CA 90744, USA
Phone Number+1 424-342-9164
Operating HourMonday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Thursday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Sunday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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Real Customer Reviews at Anchor Pointe Inn:

Britnee Devolle17:05 07/27/23
This place is very cute, it reminds me of a bed and breakfast. The rooms were clean, and the whole place smelled of cleaning products ( which I love). It was very comfortable place to relax especially since my family and I just got off the cruise ship. Just around the corner is places to eat and shop. Thank you for your hospitality.

Juan Oceguera16:08 07/01/23
This place is a bundle false advertisement.We were promised private bathroom. We got a jack and jill style bathroom. The moment we walked in we noticed the bathroom already smelled like it had been used. The shower was also shared.The rooms look clean but have a distinct odor of deification.The was no fridge and we had no access to our vehicle after 9 because they close the gates. Even walking from the room to our vehicle to grab stuff occasionally felt uncomfortable as the people there were always peaking at us through their window. It felt as if we were staying at someones house rather than an inn.

Cody Tekip06:09 05/18/23
Close to the Queen Mary and Iowa Battleship which was a plus for us because that's the first things we're doing in the morning. Hotel was one of the cleanest 2 star hotels I've ever been in. They set the bar for others that's to be sure. Definitely highly recommend this place if you're on a budget.

Patty Haltom18:03 04/26/23
This place was amazing! The neighborhood is definitely industrial but it is close to some great restaurants and an awesome coffee shop called, The Hall, just a few blocks away! I LOVED all the people who work at an own Anchor Pointe Inn! Everyone is SO friendly and kind and helpful!! I highly recommend this hotel to anyone who wants a budget friendly stay close to the airport and close to Long Beach! The hotel is also very clean and offers free coffee in the morning! I love the colorful staircase and doors! I reminded me of staying at a guest house Nepal / India! I love Anchor Pointe Inn! I would definitely stay here again!

Rose Walsh05:00 03/25/23
We felt such a warm welcome the moment we walked into the door. The very cute details of this Inn are so Beautiful. The Husband & Wife were so kind, my mom is in her 80’s with disabilities , and we did just great here! Highly recommend to stay here before cruising. We will definitely be back!!

Banana Bungalow West Hollywood Hotel & Hostel

Banana Bungalow West Hollywood Hotel & Hostel
Address603 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90036, USA
Phone Number+1 323-655-2002
Operating HourMonday: Open 24 hours, Tuesday: Open 24 hours, Wednesday: Open 24 hours, Thursday: Open 24 hours, Friday: Open 24 hours, Saturday: Open 24 hours, Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Real Customer Reviews at Banana Bungalow West Hollywood Hotel & Hostel:

thomas tillery00:09 08/05/23
I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Banana Bungalow West Hollywood Hotel & Hostel on North Fairfax Avenue and I must say it was an exceptional experience from start to finish. This review is my way of expressing my utmost satisfaction and gratitude to the entire team at Hostile for making my stay truly memorable.First and foremost, the staff at Hostile deserves special praise. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with the upmost respect and an eagerness to assist with any inquiries or requests. The level of professionalism and genuine hospitality displayed by the staff was exemplary. They were always available, approachable, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I had everything I needed for a comfortable stay.The location, right in the heart of West Hollywood, couldn't have been better. Nestled amidst the city's bustling energy, the hostel and hotel was just minutes away from some of the city's most iconic attractions. It was a perfect base for exploring what West Hollywood has to offerThe amenities provided were excellent. The free Wi-Fi was reliable, and the communal kitchen was well-equipped and clean. The tiki bar was superbly comfortable, fun, and added to the welcoming stay.The rooms were clean, well-maintained, and thoughtfully designed. The beds were comfortable, ensuring a good night's sleep after a long day of exploring the city. The common areas were spacious, inviting, and provided a great atmosphere for socializing and meeting fellow travelers.One of the highlights of my stay was that they organized various activities and events every other day. Allowing guests to connect, share experiences, and create lasting memories. Whether it was a comedy night, a karaoke night, or some sort of party, there was always something exciting happening at the Banana Bungalow West Hollywood. The sense of camaraderie amongst the guests and the friendly atmosphere made it easy to meet new people and forge friendships.Lastly, I must commend the value for money that Banana Bungalow offers. Considering the exceptional quality of service, the facilities, and the prime location, the rates were incredibly reasonable. It truly provides exceptional value for budget-conscious travelers without compromising on comfort or experience.In conclusion, my stay at the Banana Bungalow West Hollywood was nothing short of exceptional. The friendly staff, great facilities, vibrant community, ideal location, and excellent value for money all contributed to an unforgettable experience. I wholeheartedly recommend The Banana Bungalow West Hollywood to anyone visiting Los Angeles. I cannot thank the team enough for their warm hospitality and for creating a home away from home.

Valeria Noriega15:38 06/24/23
This hostel will be forever in my memories and in my heart✨ Met very lovely interesting people here, had great conversations and nice drinks.Its a hidden Treasure, the place is super chilled and welcoming. My friend and I stayed in one of the Private Rooms and had just the perfect time with our own space and bathroom.Thanks a lot to Nile and Kiki, they were very friendly and knew how to hype people up into having a good time!The area is also great, very calm and clean. A lot of nice clothing shops and cafes, farmers market and The Grove walking distance away!Thank you!! We will be back 🙂

Kuvia Isles19:19 06/10/23
This place is a God send to young Solo Travelers! At first I was against the whole hostel concept, but this establishment completely changed my whole view on it! clean rooms and also free social activities to help you meet the other guests at the hostel! Quiet, No Drama and relaxed environment. Plus several things to do in the Hollywood Area

Reverend Eric Ha00:48 05/25/23
The place is clean and the staff are nice. It's no-frills but the shared kitchen, etc. is pretty cool though we never got to use it. We WILL be back and would recommend this to anyone who isn't worried about room service or the like.

Francesco G17:52 05/23/23
Felt like family. We stayed a whole week and gotta say thanks to Niall - what a great host - for the warm good-old-friend vibe. The common kitchen and the fun drinks nights really make it a pleasant place to stay.Besides, nice location, with quite a few nice places to visit in the neighborhood.

Casa De Soul - Nightly Room Rentals

Casa De Soul - Nightly Room Rentals
AddressWilbur & Ventura, Tarzana, CA 91356, USA
Phone Number+1 818-805-1545
Operating Hour
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Real Customer Reviews at Casa De Soul - Nightly Room Rentals:

Nicole N04:23 05/25/23
An amazing stay at Casa De Soul!It's an extremely nice place with a homely feel to it, clean, comfortable and well equipped rooms. We didn't want to leave our room some days lol. A perfect central location if vacationing in and around LA! The host was very welcoming and maintained excellent email communication throughout our stay.Thank you Suzanne!

Melissa O Sanchez23:38 04/27/23
Loved the quietness of the Paris Room. The bed sheets were very clean and bed was like sleeping on a cloud. Suzanne was an amazing host! Will come back next time I am in town! Thank you Suzanne!

Laura Gonzalez06:15 04/16/23
I was looking for a reasonably priced room near LA, and I stumbled upon this place. It’s like an Air B&B, but better because you don’t pay the ridiculous fees. The website is user-friendly, it’s just like booking a regular hotel. Parking was easy to find. I was impressed by the room, clean and well-decorated. The restroom was stocked well (shampoos, conditioner, soap and with plenty of towels). It was cool to chat with other guests and hear about their LA experience. The owner was nice and welcoming, very cool person. House is located near LA and was a short drive to all of the places I wanted to visit.

Jessica Lopez02:55 03/15/23
An exceptional stay. Excellent service, cleanliness, price, lovely location, environment. Our stay was so relaxing, Suzanne is very cordial, attentive, friendly. What I loved the most about Suzanne, her being able to communicate whenever I had a question or if she needed to communicate with us. Suzanne is there for her guests if they need anything and the most important she gave us our space, respect, and privacy overall.

Brandon Owens02:23 03/04/23
Wow! Extremely stunned by how great and easy going Suzanne makes your stay LIKE HOME! She’s sweet, and has the upmost gratitude in pleasing you and your company. I recommend to myself to stay her again. As well as friends and family 🙂

The California - Hollywood

The California - Hollywood
Address1807 N Van Ness Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA
Phone Number+1 562-386-3974
Operating HourMonday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Thursday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Friday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Saturday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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Real Customer Reviews at The California - Hollywood:

Ariel Quiroga18:42 04/10/23
Excellent place to spend a few days in Los Angeles. Very nice people, very honest and very clean and quite. Highly recommended.

Daniël Uleman16:05 12/10/22
Worst experience ever. It’s dirty, airconditioning was promised but all you get is a fan. The host is an arrogant, horrible person. Stay away from here. We left in about an hour.

Jurgis Kuliešius10:21 11/05/22
I would rate the hostel experience a solid 4 if not for some of the problems listed below, which the owners could easily fix.Locker cabinet locks are not provided - had to get my own from a nearby tool shop.Wifi was spotty at best. Router had to be restarted manually every day only it to stop working again in a few hours.

Inge Marie Palm20:00 10/07/22
I can't recommend this place enough! It was extremely affordable and far enough away from the walk of Fame that it felt safe and it was quiet. The owner was very sweet and made sure I had everything I needed. They have lockers but it felt safe enough that I could just leave my bag in the room and didn't have any issues. If you're looking for a good hostel that's in a safe neighborhood and that has all the amenities you'll need, this is the place for you! If I ever come back to LA I will be staying here again.

Aurore Palanque15:16 05/24/22
The hostel is located on a safe street (quite hard to find in hollywood), walking distance to everything (hollywood sign, Griffith observatory, walk of fame...).The people working here are adorable, the place is very quite but with a friendly vibe, the kitchen is well equiped and clean.The showers are fine, not perfectly clean but compared to the majority of hostels, it's pretty clean.

The American Hotel

The American Hotel
Address303 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA
Phone Number+1 213-545-4695
Operating Hour
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Real Customer Reviews at The American Hotel:

Basset Hound06:35 07/13/23
For its price it’s incredible, lots within walking distance, several good places to eat, and an amazing view.My room was pretty small but did the trick, bathrooms are nearby but shared and can come off a little unsanitary if they havent been cleaned or restocked in a second. Water and ice machine was also broken unfortunately.

Sindaquil _17:45 07/05/23
Alright so first of all the staff is amazing, they are very nice and will help you if you need assistance. The location of the hotel is pretty much in the arts district and you're very close to everything aka walking distance. From restaurants and stores to museums and galleries, there's always something to do and you won't be bored. The only not so good thing I'll say is that it is near skid row and you should not walk the streets alone if you somehow stumble into skid row BUT as long as you stay on the safe side you should be completely alright. To finish it off I'll say that the bathroom system is shared aka men and women have their own separate bathroom on every level and that the doors can close but cannot lock so that someone else can enter if they need to go. There's also an all inclusive bathroom that is also on each floor and it does have a lock if you want your privacy when it comes to taking a shower and that was my go-to for me. Other than that, i enjoyed my stay and I'll be sure to stay here again if an event is close by.

Alex D19:18 07/03/23
Great place for the price as long as you know what to expect. Rooms are clean, staff is friendly, and beds are super comfy. Location is a little sketchy but the immediate area around it is actually pretty cool with some great places to eat. Would definitely stay there again. Masuma was great 🙂

Ruby Rollerskates17:48 04/24/23
I had a wonderful Stay here. Especially knowing it was last minute. I was ill prepared however the staff were so helpful and the communication between us was quick and reliable.In particular Massuma was a joy to speak to and to be treated by. It was my first stay and she was so informative and helpful :)The room is simple however it has everything you need to stay the night or stay in for a quite evening!The communal bathrooms are true however clean and so close in every floor to all the rooms. There’s a private unisex with shower that’s very sizeable. At night was the only time you’ll encounter other guests.As for location it’s in the setts district NOT skid row as many of the other reviewers who clearly aren’t LA locals have mentioned. It’s in the center of so many yummy fresh restaurants and cafes. Little Tokyo is a 10 minute stroll !I will be coming back time and time again 🙂

Emeric15:35 04/17/23
Decent hotel, fair price. Arts district is gently become fancy (craft brewery, art gallery, ethic shops, ...). Around the hotel is completely safe even at nightBedroom are confortable, especially mattress. Shared bathroom are clean, but probably too few in high season. Kettle and hair dryer should be self service, not very convenient to ask receptionHotel is generally quiet but phonic isolation is very poor, someone speaking a bit loud can very easily wake you up

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